Online classified ads for buses

Services to assist with searches for coaches and busses

Search using coach and bus qualified criteria

  • has put in place criteria specific to coaches and busses to make your search quicker and more effective. These criteria are accessible at any time, on all the search pages.


Rapid search using keyword, make, etc...

  • provides you with a rapid search zone in the top banner, in which you just have to enter a make, a model, or keyword, so that you can easily find the coach or bus you are looking for.


Comparison and saving of ads

  • enables all site users to compare ads and save the ads of their choice (my favourites).


Email alert

  • In order to be the 1st to be informed when the coach or bus you are looking for comes onto the market, subscribe to the email alert service that has been set up by This service is available on all the search pages.



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Services to assist in the publication of coach / bus ads

Inputting and advertising presentation mask tailored for coaches and busses

  • provides you with the option of inputting your ads very easily using masks entirely dedicated to coaches and busses.


Top display (optional)

  • Promotion of your ad on the first page PLUS enhanced visibility for your ad in the searches.
  • This option is accessible either directly with the initial inputting of the ad, either from your customer space.


Promotion of your coach / bus

  • High resolution photos
  • enables you to upload 6 high resolution photos with your ad (standard package).
  • enables you to upload 6 additional high resolution photos, i.e. a total of 12 HR photos (optional).


Top of the list (Optional)

  • Enhance the visibility of your ad by placing it at the top of the list of ads.
  • This option is accessible from your customer space.


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